Meet The Band

Simple Tenants_Studio Shoot_008Nicole

Nicole Seiberling is our lead vocalist, songwriter, and front woman. She is married to Stu and together they have two adorable little girls. Nicole is the Director of Worship and Creative Arts at the Church of the Open Door in York, PA as well as a private music instructor. She hopes that the music she creates with Simple Tenants will offer a unique perspective and help to show that you really can be a Christian & love God with all your heart but still have questions and struggles. She hopes this music will inspire deep conversations about faith and open doors to a deeper relationship with the living God.

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Eddie Giese is the left-brained side of this operation. He’s a civil engineer who happens to play a mean blues guitar. You can also sometimes hear him singing backup vocals. He is married to Stephanie, who moonlights as a sometimes lyricist for the band, and together they have three kids: Nick, Abby, and Penny.

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Stu Seiberling is a classically trained guitarist. Don’t let the classical part fool you  – the man can shred. He’s also had a lot of other cool jobs. He once drove a limo for Sting. He is married to Nicole and prides himself on being “the world’s okay-ist dad” to their girls, Olivia and Idella.

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Matt Kerstetter is our bassist. He is married to his beautiful wife, Hannah. Matt has a very cool story about music and the role it has played in his life. In his own words, he says, “”Music has been at the core of my life for as long as I can remember. When I was a baby, my parents bought me a musical toy for Christmas. When I tried playing it I didn’t hear anything, turns out I was a deaf baby. After having surgery on my ears, I listened to that music box again, and for the first time my face lit up with glee and awe! Music is more than just sounds made by instruments to me; it is emotion, it is a passion to want to move people to their core. Bringing feeling to the one place we need it most, the heart and soul. So find that jam that moves you and let it play! “

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Zane Ruth is our percussionist. We can’t just call him our drummer because somehow he manages to play the drums, the tambourine, and the castanets by himself in the same song. (He had a little help from modern technology and track overlays, but he did all the work.) Zane is married to his wife, Jen. He is a stay-at-home dad who also operates a successful private percussion studio. Zane is the founder and director of First Capital Drumline in York, PA – state champions 2 years and running!